Saturday, October 1

Han Solo and Princess Leia’s wedding shown exclusively | Digital Trends Spanish

There is a canonical novel of starwarscalled The Princess and the Scoundrel by Beth Revis, which is delivering interesting images and stories that were left as loose ends after Return of the Jedi.

One of those stories was the marriage of Han Solo and Princess Leia, which is seen here in all its splendor through beautiful paintings.

The marriage takes place on one of Endor’s moons, with Lando Calrissian, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and the Ewoks flanking the ceremony, plus of course RD-2D and C3PO.

The wedding takes place in the Great Tree, an Ewok temple of great importance to Endor, and is officiated by none other than Tosche Station insider Luke Skywalker! (Though Ewok shaman Logray steps in to make sure the happy couple partake in some local marriage customs.)

An excerpt from that moment:

Luke looked between Han and Leia at the crowd gathered in the temple, then turned back to Leia.

“Ready?” he asked quietly. She nodded, and then Han did.

Luke began to speak. His words were soft, but everyone in the temple heard him. It was a simple speech really, about love, unity and trust. But the truth lay in the simplicity. He spoke truthfully, and Leia felt everything slip away as her brother’s words wrapped around her and Han, a comforting promise that they, all of them, were family, and that this moment would last far beyond this. day.

“When I first saw Leia, she spoke of hope,” Luke said. “And that’s what she has always embodied for me.”

Leia almost laughed out loud. That message had been sent to Obi-Wan, a formal but desperate call to the void she had no idea her long-lost twin brother would find. Did he label her as the symbol of hope? No, she did not embody it.

She had been looking for him.

And, somehow, she had been heard.

Leia’s hands tightened on Han’s, and he met her eyes. Good? he said with his mouth. She nodded silently, smiling.

Maybe Luke was right. Perhaps, to be the embodiment of hope, all he had to do was look for her.

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