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Hand fans to always carry with you

This summer of 2022 is being especially hot, to the point that the Internet tries to make a joke of it by saying that it is the “coldest of the rest of our lives”. One of the recommendations given during these stages is to try to stay as cool as possible during the hours of sunlight.

If we need to go out somewhere or have to go to a center that doesn’t have air conditioning, then we may have a problem… with a solution: hand fans. These portable fans fit in a pocket and are powered by battery or batteries, so we can use them anywhere.

In ConsumptionClaro we recommend some options.


With between 14 and 21 hours of autonomy, this small fan has two speeds and an rpm range of up to 3400. In addition, it has a collapsible design for easy storage and a flashlight in case we need it.

JISULIFE Mini fan for €14.44

Vemont USB Fan

A similar option, although not foldable, can be this Vemont fan. With 3 speed levels, it has a range of 3 to 5 hours, 65 grams and 7 blades inside.

Vemont USB fan for €15.99


To close the list, the most powerful of the three. This VKUSRA fan has 4 speeds and a full charge of 2 hours via USB to reach an autonomy of up to 10 hours of use. In addition, it has a base to be able to place the fan on the table if we need it.

VKUSRA Hand Fan for €18.99

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