Wednesday, January 26

Hardware resists giving in to the semiconductor crisis and prepares us for a heart attack 2022 (Podcast Clear the X # 165)

No matter the pandemic and the shortage of chips: we have better processors and graphics for PC than ever, and the competition is fierce in a very capricious segment that does not stop asking for better features time and time again.

Among these are manufacturers such as Intel and AMD, who have seen how Apple has proposed a powerful alternative in the personal computer market with its M1s. It doesn’t end there, because we also have interesting battles in the graphics field with NVIDIA, AMD and an Intel that will also bet heavily on this segment in 2022.

To talk about all this we have today in ‘Clear the X’ to Juan Carlos Lopez (@josedextro), editor in Engadget, already a server, Javier Pastor (@javipas), also editor in this house. The production is as always in charge of Saints Ara├║jo (@santiaraujo).

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2022 is frantic

We finished the year with an Intel that has finally managed to catch its breath: Its Alder Lake with that new big.LITTLE approach they are certainly an interesting twist in its strategy to which now AMD – which is closer than ever in terms of share and performance – will have to respond.

But in front of them, the market for Windows PCs and laptops has a curious alternative in a Apple that has proven ARM chips make a lot of sense also there. Its M1s already demonstrated it in 2020 and so do the M1 Pro and M1 Max that have just made an appearance.

That makes one think that There may also be a future for computers based on ARM chips, but for Windows. Qualcomm is on the hook – it has just presented its Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 – but so will others like Samsung, MediaTek or the promising Nuvia that has been part of Qualcomm for a few months.

Next year will also be the protagonist of the arrival of new standards in two types of components that are crucial for the performance of our equipment: DDR5 memories and PCIe 5.0 standard they will undoubtedly be important, but their journey is even longer and in 2022 we should see both take off.

Where we will also have a lot to do is in the field of graphics cards, where NVIDIA and AMD solutions Intel ARC and its Alchemist family will join soon, which aims to rival high-end solutions from those manufacturers. A lot of menene for a market that is encouraged and that only lacks one thing: that these products are at once easy to get at their official prices.

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