Wednesday, November 30

Harrison Ford joins the MCU for the next Captain America 4 | Digital Trends Spanish

The mythical and legendary Harrison Ford will join the MCU from Marvel to play the General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Rossthe character previously played by the recently deceased William Hurt.

The also Star Wars and Indiana Jones actor will be present in the fourth installment of Captain America, Captain America: New World Order.

Then the actor will have a much more important role in the film of The Thunderboltswhich will make up a team that will include characters like Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), John Walker (Wyatt Russell), Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), Red Guardian (David Harbour) and Taskmaster (Olga Kurylenko), among others.

As the Marvel fandom maintains, of Thunderbolt Ross, “Thaddeus Ross was involved in a military research and development program aimed at recreating the ‘Super Soldier’ ​​biochemical enhancement he first developed in World War II. The scientist Dr Bruce Banner, lover of the general’s daughter named Betty, was involved in a scientific treatment that could make a soldier immune to radiation, but Ross, with the ambition of evaluating the effects of the Super Soldier Serum on humans, did not tell him about the project. . Banner involved in the early phase research carried out a test on himself against gamma radiation – instead of vita rays – and after an accidental explosion, he became a “Hulk”, which damaged General’s arm and left his daughter in a coma. Ross took charge of the Army’s efforts to recover the fugitive in coordination with the National Division of Strategic Intervention Logistics execution».

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