Wednesday, March 22

Harvard wants to capture images of UFOs in high resolution | Digital Trends Spanish

Avi Loeb is one of the most renowned astronomers in the study of unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

In fact, the Harvard professor claims that the mysterious object known as Oumuamua is actually an ancient abandoned alien spacecraft.


Now, Loeb assures that in a period of two years he will be able to access a technology that will allow him to take images of UFOs in high resolution.

“I really want the next generation to have the freedom to discuss it and to be part of the mainstream,” the scientist said during an interview with Guardian.

“My hope is that by getting a high resolution image of something unusual, or finding evidence of it, which is very possible in the next year or two, we will change it.”

The researcher’s intention is that this resource will help scientists study images with an unprecedented level of detail.

He points out that a recurrent problem in the investigation of the UFO phenomenon is that the records of probable sightings are not always of the best quality, which hinders the work of those who study the subject.

Loeb also directs Project Galileo, in which a team of more than 100 scientists establishes a network of advanced telescopes to search the skies for aliens.

According to the same medium, the astronomer’s first telescope will be able to start operating this summer from the roof of the Harvard University observatory.

“We’re taking a path that hasn’t been traveled, so it may be low hanging fruit, that no one else picked because it wasn’t taken,” Loeb added in the interview.

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