Saturday, October 16

Harvey Weinstein Inspired an Orc from The Lord of the Rings | Digital Trends Spanish

If there is something we remember about the orcs that appeared in The Lord of the Rings saga, it was their ugly appearance.

Some of them looked so scary that many of us wondered what the team behind the movies relied on to create these characters. Well now, at least we have an answer.

In an interview for Dax Shepard’s podcast Armchair Expert, the protagonist of the tapes, Elijah Wood, recounted that one of the orcs from The Lord of the rings was based on the appearance of Harvey Weinstein, the former Hollywood producer accused of sexual assault and rape.

Former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Getty Images.

“I vividly remember that one of the orc masks was designed to look like Harvey Weinstein, as a way to send him to hell … I think it’s okay to talk about that now, the guy is in jail,” the actor noted.

It turns out that Peter Jackson, the director of the saga, did not have a very good relationship with Weinstein, since he had agreed to perform The lord of the rings with Miramax, the Weinstein brothers’ company.

However, the controversial producer wanted to make a single film to tell the whole story that brings JRR Tolkien’s books to life. There were so many disagreements between the two that Weinstein even threatened to replace the director with Quentin Tarantino.

In the end, Jackson reached out to Bob Shaye of New Line Cinema.

“I think the story is that they were going to do two, and it was Bob Shaye who said, ‘We have to do three,’ which is crazy, an incredible risk,” Wood explained.

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