Tuesday, June 6

Haven’t you checked your car? CDMX will extend the calendar according to the sticker

The Mexico City will extend the vehicle verification schedule for up to 15 days, reported the Environment Secretariat (Sedema). This measure was taken to encourage the payment of vehicle verification.

In accordance with subsection “f” of the Official Gazette of the CDMX, the verification period may be extended for up to 15 calendar days; however, the following conditions must be met:

  • Have verified for the first time during the last week of the verification period and have obtained a rejection.
  • If it is not possible to verify the existence of fines at Traffic Regulations with an economic sanction, provided that they have already been settled, but that their payment is not reflected in the debt consultation portal (SAF or ADIP) during the last week of the period.
  • If when presenting to verify during the last week of the period there is a penalty for enrollment points (civic sanctions in the FotoCívicas portal), and merit face-to-face courses or community work.
  • If when presenting to verify there is a penalty for registration points (civic sanctions in the portal of PhotoCivic) that require taking an online course, and is not approved.

In the latter case, the vehicle verification center You must print and provide the citizen with the consultation of the debt in which it is observed that it exists.

The legal owner of the vehicle may go to verify during the extension of 15 days, as long as you indicate that your debts were settled.

Vehicle calendar for CDMX