Thursday, August 18

‘Hawkeye’ shows that even in the most familiar Marvel productions there is some bad slobber

So far, Disney + has not betrayed its bet for the Marvel series (we left ‘MODOK’ out for being a Hulu original … although it is also the best of all). In more or less imminent release projects, such as’ Ms. Marvel. ‘ ‘Hawkeye’ seems to go in that direction in its first bars, when it transports us in a flash-back nothing less than the climax of the first ‘Avengers’.

But soon that style takes another course, and ‘Hawkeye’ becomes a more self-contained series, and all thanks to not depending on characters that you already have to know from other productions. Of course, we have Hawkeye from the Avengers movies played by Jeremy Renner, but here Hawkeye is also a new heroine, Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld.

But there is more: the series distances itself from the usual, epic and bombastic tone (albeit light, as in ‘Loki’ or ‘Wandavision’), of the Marvel narratives, and does so by going down to earth with an unexpected genre: the murder mistery. ‘Hawk Eye’ it’s closer to the recent fabulous ‘Just Building Murders’ than an Avengers story.

That “normalization” of the superhero epic is achieved largely thanks to taking as a reference the fabulous comic about the character of Matt Fraction and David Aja of 2012, which is directly referenced in the series’ credits. Not only did Kate Bishop acquire a welcome role there, but there were elements such as the dog or the everyday of the plots, related to the neighborhood building in which Clint lived, whose spirit is reflected here.

Two hawk eyes see better than one

And without a doubt it is the relationship between Bishop and Barton, also present and developed in the Fraction and Aja comic, that gives the series a special touch. Marvel already demonstrated in ‘Loki’ that the dynamics of buddy movies sit well with their characters, but here it also points to an extra component of teacher-student also present in other characters in the house (the clearest references in the MCU are Tony Stark and Peter Parker) and that bathes the series in a welcome freshness.

In the first two episodes that Disney + premieres, only some elements that can be developed are still pointed out: a possible villain, a murder mystery to boot, some troubled relationships (Kate with her mother -fantastic Vera Farmiga, as always injecting class into any project she approaches-, Clint with his family) and some element of the past that lurks over the characters (Ronin’s identity, which is unknown if not it will be more than a starting point). In any case, all this works properly, and they are tracks that combine with the impeccable rhythm, something mechanical but undoubtedly successful, of the Marvel series.

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And bathing it all a great sense of humor that gives, in each of these first two episodes, foot to a couple of demystifying sequences of Clint Barton’s character: the hilarious Avengers musical and slow-motion foray into the convention of reenacting medieval. Two frankly funny moments that Renner embroiders with his best “I’d be better off at home” gesture, and that certainly fits better here than in the Avengers movies.

There is some bile in ‘Hawkeye’ that makes this series, apparently Christmas and family, the most demystifying of all that Disney + has produced. We are not facing a destructuring of the Marvel Universe even remotely, but the clash of characters between Clint and Kate and the observation of the superhero phenomenon “from the outside” means that, deep down, with its daily life and his proposal of “let’s put a hero used to dealing with cosmic threats to solve a crime in the middle of Christmas”, ‘Hawkeye’ has more to say about the greatness and miseries of the superhero genre than more ambitious proposals.

Premiere Two Chapters Hawkeye Disney

The landing of Marvel’s most powerful series will arrive in 2022, as the platform recently announced, but until then, ‘Hawkeye’ is a peaceful and very enjoyable surprise. Ideal for the relaxed Christmas season, written and executed with remarkable taste, ‘Hawkeye’ is not going to change the superhero genre, but it makes it much more bearable.