Thursday, July 7

Hazte Oír asks for eight years in prison for three activists who stopped the macho bus in Valencia

Three activists of the feminist and LGTBI movement have sat on the dock this Thursday for having stopped the macho bus of the ultraconservative group HazteOír that on March 5, 2019 intended to parade through Valencia with the slogan “Stop Feminazis, gender laws they discriminate against the man “next to the image of Adolf Hitler with painted lips and with the feminist symbol on his forehead.

The brief confrontation could be stopped with the presence of agents of the Local Police and the only one harmed was the vinyl with the macho message that the ultraconservative organization wanted to walk through the city, with the opposition of feminist and LGTBI organizations and institutions such as the City Council From Valencia.

HazteOír asks activists for an eight-year prison sentence for the alleged crimes of coercion, discrimination, public disorder and damages. However, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which has already ruled out the hate crime and reduced the accusation to a minor crime of damages, valued at 423 euros (the cost of the vinyl with the macho messages that the activists started in part).

In the oral hearing, held in the Criminal Court number 19 of Valencia, several police officers and two photojournalists who covered the protest have paraded as witnesses. The photographer has clarified during his statement that there was no more fuss than what can usually occur in an eviction.

The other photojournalist, witness to the events, has reported that the activists limited themselves to shouting against homophobia while the spokesmen for HazteOír, Teresa García-Noblejas and Javier Villamor, made statements to the press. Asked if she witnessed any slogan of hatred from the activists, the photographer replied that those slogans were rather uttered by members of the ultra-conservative collective in their speech to the media.

During the oral hearing, videos of the protest have been screened. The defense of the activists has questioned the report of the Information Brigade of the National Police, two of whose agents have testified as witnesses, and has questioned how they proceeded to identify the three young people despite the fact that they were not registered or had a record.

The prosecutor has requested a fine for a misdemeanor of damages for the three defendants. The Hazte Oír association considers that there were crimes of coercion, damage and public disorder, which from its point of view “is the heart of the matter”, because they show that the group to which the activists belonged acted with violence. The defense, for its part, has maintained the request for free acquittal and has requested the imposition of costs to the private prosecution, for its reckless action.

“The #StopFeminazis bus is still essential. We are convinced of the need to repeal the sectarian Gender Violence Law, which has not solved the problem of aggressions against women and turns men into second-class citizens and alleged criminals ”, said the spokeswoman for Hazte Oír, Teresa García-Noblejas. Dozens of activists of the feminist movement have gathered at the entrance of the City of Justice of Valencia in support of the three accused persons.