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HBO Max free trial: can you watch series and movies without paying? | Digital Trends Spanish

Looking for a free HBO Max trial? Here we have all the information you need about the service, promotions and if there are any free trials available.

Is there a free HBO Max trial?

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Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an HBO Max free trial available today. When this streaming service first launched in May 2020, there was a seven-day free trial, but that offer has since expired. Since the release of Wonder Woman 1984, HBO Max requires you to register with your bank card information, although you can only register for one month, it is not mandatory to renew this subscription beyond that. While it’s not ideal that you have to pay for a service you haven’t tried yet, The best series on HBO Max are many, so we assure you that your money will be well spent. Whether you’re looking for the best Studio Ghibli movies or the best Christmas movies this year, HBO Max will give you what you want.

Can you get HBO Max for free?

Just like what happens with ESPN+ or Disney+, there are alternative ways to get HBO Max for free.

If you already have an HBO subscription, you may be able to watch HBO Max for free through Samsung TV, the Roku Channel Store, Verizon Fios, or one of their other cable platforms. It’s worth checking out. Additionally, it’s possible to get a free trial of HBO Max through Direct TV Stream with certain streaming plans that offer it completely free, while others offer a three-month free trial or a five-day trial.

Today, the best offer has it CricketWireless. If you’re signed up for one of this company’s $60 unlimited plans, you get the ad-supported version of HBO Max completely free. This won’t be helpful for everyone, but for Cricket customers it’s great news.

Alternatively, you can consider some of the other services with offers, such as Showtime’s free trial, perhaps one of the best you can find today

Are there any HBO Max deals?

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While there are no specific HBO Max free trials anymore, there are some good options — if you’re willing to sign up with your credit card. For example: you save money by hiring an annual plan instead of paying monthly.

Sign up for the ad-supported annual plan and you’ll get a 16% discount on HBO Max, which means you’ll pay $100 instead of $120 a year.

This is the standard HBO Max offer. However, currently, you can also subscribe to a year’s worth of ad-supported content for $70, or pay $105 instead of $150 for the ad-free version of HBO Max. It is a limited time offer that ends on October 30so hurry up!

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