Thursday, February 2

HBO Max premieres in February 2022: all the new series, movies and documentaries

HBO Max kicks off the year 2022 with a good barrage of heavy artillery: highly anticipated films like ‘Dune’, ‘The Suicide Squad’ or ‘Evil’ go hand in hand with series whose return was also more than longed for, like ‘Raised by Wolves’ or ‘Killing Eve’. We review some of the highlights of HBO Max for this month of February.

Catalog of new series in Spain

‘Raised by Wolves’ T2

The series produced by Ridley Scott was one of the great discoveries of television science fiction in recent years. Puzzling, enigmatic and unsettling, it told of a future conflict between two factions of humans and how an android conceived to murder discovered unexpected and lethal maternal feelings. The story continues, and the trailer predicts the same doses of extravagance, darkness and hopeless futurism.

All series in February

  • ‘Raised by Wolves’ T2 (04/02)
  • ‘Hit’ T2 (06/02)
  • ‘The wonderful friend. The debts of the body’ S3 (02/07)
  • ‘Smiling Friends’ (09/02)
  • ‘The girl from before’ (02/10)
  • ‘Dollface’ T2 (12/02)
  • ‘State of the Union’ T2 (14/02)
  • ‘Sons of Dune’ (02/17)
  • ‘Painting with John’ T2 (19/02)
  • ‘All-American: Homecoming’ (23/02)
  • ‘Snowfall’ T5 (26/02)
  • ‘Killing Eve’ T4 (27/02)

'Dune': Villeneuve saves a very complicated adaptation and manages to replicate part of the epic and complexity of the original novel

Catalog of new films and documentaries in Spain


Screenwriter David Koepp (‘Mission Impossible’, ‘Jurassic Park’) and director Steven Sodenbergh (‘Logan Luck’, ‘Contagion’, ‘Ocean’s Eleven’) join forces with the next Catwoman, ZoĆ« Kravitz, in a exclusive technological thriller for the platform. Angela Childs is a technology analyst for the company that has created a revolutionary voice assistant, KIMI. In the midst of a pandemic and suffering from agoraphobia, he will have to face his worst fears to report a crime.


One of the great events of cinematographic science fiction of 2021 was this adaptation of the start of the vast work of Frank Herbert. The result is very risky but full of discoveries, and its impeccable cast of stars endows the story with solemnity, violence and epicness of an heir who has to face betrayal before claiming his rightful position, according to the prophecies, as leader of the tribes that inhabit the sand planet Arrakis. It also arrives accompanied by the premiere of the 2003 miniseries ‘Children of Dune’.

All movies and documentaries in February