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HBO reveals release date and photos of House of the Dragon | Digital Trends Spanish

House of the Dragon (dragon house) is the series most anticipated by widowers of game of Thrones (Game of Thrones). However, fans will soon be able to calm their cravings, as HBO announced its premiere for August 21, 2022, in addition to revealing photographs of its protagonists.

Created by George RR Martin and Ryan J. Condal (“Colony”) based on the novel Fire&Blood (fire and blood), the script is set two centuries before the events of the original story. The prequel shows the debacle in Westeros of House Targaryen, following a brutal civil war known as the Dance with Dragons.

Unlike the epic that culminated in 2019 after eight seasons, House of the Dragon It has a smaller cast. Paddy Considine (The World’s End) is King Viserys I, while Emmy D’Arcy (Truth Seekerslisten)) is Princess Rhaenrya, eldest daughter and heiress of the sovereign.

They are joined by Matt Smith (Doctor Who), such as Prince Daemon, younger brother of Viserys, and Rhys Ifans (Notting Hill), as Ser Otto Hightower, the Hand of the King; Olivia Cooke (Ready Player One), in the role of Lady Alicent Hightower, daughter of Otto, and Fabien Frankel (The Serpent), as the knight Ser Criston Cole.

“I’ve seen preliminary cuts of some scenes and I love them. Of course, you have to work much more. The special effects, the color timing, the score, all the post-production work. But the script, direction and acting all look great. I hope you like it as much as I do”, Martin wrote after the end of the filming of the first season, which includes 10 chapters.

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