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He maneuvered in Nascar imitating video games and it was great | Digital Trends Spanish

A risky maneuver was carried out last weekend by the pilot Ross Chastain in the Xfinity 500 race in nascaras after being in 10th place for a long time, in an extremely daring move on his last lap, he launched his car along the walls of the race track and shot up to 5th.

UNBEATABLE!@RossChastain floors it along the wall to go from 10th to 5th and advance to the CHAMPIONSHIP! #NASCARPlayoffs pic.twitter.com/9qX3eq7T6h

— NASCAR on NBC (@NASCARonNBC) October 30, 2022

Everyone was shocked by the move and asked for the inspiration to make it, Chastain admitting it came out of a video game.

the best @NASCAR sim ever… Thanks @iRacing pic.twitter.com/b3OaHi89Be

— Pablo López 🐙 (@ThePulpoLopez) October 31, 2022

And where did you learn that maneuver? From playing video games as a child, he says.

“I played a lot of NASCAR 2005 on the GameCube I had growing up,” Chastain said with a smile on a post-race interview. “I never knew it would actually work.”

“Played a lot of NASCAR 2005 on the GameCube.”@RossChastain explained his video-game move. #NASCAR pic.twitter.com/4jkF6BzAgk

— NASCAR on NBC (@NASCARonNBC) October 30, 2022

The game-breaking bug is called a “wall walk,” and in all likelihood it could only take place on a track as short as Martinsville Speedway, the site of the race. At just half a mile long, it’s the shortest on the NASCAR circuit, which means its corners are pretty short, too.

“I can’t believe what I just saw,” said one pilot on a NASCAR build. “That was a straight video game.”

“I can’t believe what I just saw.” #NASCARPlayoffs pic.twitter.com/Eqw7tyodZF

— NASCAR (@NASCAR) November 1, 2022

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