Wednesday, July 6

He survives a bullet impact thanks to his hearing aids | Digital Trends Spanish

An 18-year-old survived the impact of a stray bullet thanks to his Razer-brand headphones. The protagonist of this story is Enough_Dance_956, a Reddit user who shared his experience on the site.

The boy said that one morning, while he was playing in his room, a bullet entered through his window and hit his headphones, which he was wearing just at that moment. According to what he relates, it was precisely this fact that allowed him to survive the bullet.

“If it weren’t for these good quality hearing aids, I would already be a dead child at the age of 18. I can’t even imagine all the pain my family and friends would have lived through,” the protagonist revealed in the comments section.

Once this story was published, many readers doubted his credibility, which motivated the young man to share a series of photographs showing the damage his hearing aids suffered, as well as the hole left in his bedroom window.

The bullet would have been the product of a shooting in front of the house of Enough_Dance_956, who was able to make the complaint and take the images just before the police arrived. “If I moved an inch forward or backward, I would now be dead,” added the protagonist of this unusual story.

The bullet that hit the hearing aids was handed over to the relevant authorities to begin an investigation of which the results have not yet been released.

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