Thursday, December 2

“He was only talking to me about sex”: the complainant of the psychiatrist Javier Criado reiterates his accusation and he calls it “histrionic”

The Sevillian psychiatrist Javier Criado has been on trial since Wednesday for an alleged crime against the moral integrity of one of his patients, the only accusation that has come to trial because the rest of the prescribed accusations are considered.

I was a victim of sexual abuse by Javier Criado

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During the hearing, the complainant corroborated all her accusations, stating that “she was only talking to me about sex.” He has assured that he asked “if he fucked” and similar questions. The 59-year-old complainant MGGP affirms that during the four consultations between January and February 2015 (which are the ones being judged) she felt “fatal, humiliated and vexed.” “A zombie came out of the consultation, as if hypnotized.” This woman assures that she wanted to be cured: “I was very marked and disappointed because I had put myself in the hands of the best psychiatrist”

The psychiatrist has denied the facts in his statement, and has described the complainant as “a book histrionic.”

Criado, who has only answered the questions of the Prosecutor and her defense, recalled that he met the woman who denounced him when “she came to my office in a dusty state”, and has “absolutely” denied having spoken to her in a bad tone or use sexual expressions in their conversations, since “if it had been the case, my consultation would not have lasted two days.”

He recalled that the patient “had a terrible contradiction in the etiology of her problem”, at which point he defined her as “a book histrionic”, and treated her for a histrionic personality disorder, from which she improved significantly in the second query regarding the first.

To questions from his lawyer, he has reaffirmed himself in the same arguments, and has once again denied “absolutely” that he never said “profanity” to the complainant.

Afterwards, three other women have declared as witnesses, who have related the sexual abuse that Criado allegedly committed. in the first two cases, when they came for consultation in 1998 and 2006, respectively. In the third, according to the witness, the abuses occurred when she went to his office in 1990. She went there because “she was overwhelmed by some oppositions” and asked her if she was a virgin and if she had orgasms. “I felt totally humiliated and humiliated.”

The history

It was in 2015 when some thirty women, some of them from notable families in the capital of Seville and who had been silent for many years, dared to denounce the alleged malpractice and abuse of the psychiatrist. Their testimonies fell on deaf ears from the judicial point of view as the judges understood that most of the crimes had prescribed. Those women had denounced the psychiatrist for one continuing crime of professional intrusion, one crime of omission of the duty to help, one continuing crime against moral integrity, three continuing crimes of sexual abuse, two crimes of sexual abuse and one of inducing suicide. Despite the fact that the facts were not prosecuted, the investigator decided that the investigation should continue only with respect to the alleged crime against moral integrity committed on one of the victims in 2015.

The alleged victims, grouped in the ‘Veritas’ association and who saw how the court and later the Court filed their complaints, understood that the events “that have been taking place for more than 30 years” were constitutive of a continuing crime, so that the Prescription that was judicially agreed “should not be indicated based on the date on which they occurred but since the victims have had the capacity to understand what had happened to them and the psychological damage produced”, that is, in 2015 when they made it public . One of them, precisely, tells about her experience in the article ‘I was a victim of sexual abuse by Javier Criado’. “In 2015 they learned of other cases through social networks that made them aware of the drama suffered and decided to take the step of denouncing it,” argued ‘Veritas’ at the time against the criteria of the Seville Prosecutor’s Office, which supported the file.

Many of those women preferred to remain anonymous while others decided to publicly denounce the situation. A total of 32 of them even presented their testimony before the Ethics Committee of the College of Physicians of Seville.