Wednesday, October 27

Head of Instagram compares his social network with car deaths | Digital Trends Spanish

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Instagram boss Adam Mosseri came out to show his face after criticism that his social network would be causing problems in adolescents and to defend himself he made a rather questionable analogy with the automotive industry.

In the words of the executive of the company belonging to Facebook, it is important to understand the risks of being on the networks.

“We know that more people die from car accidents than they would otherwise, but in general, cars create much more value in the world than they destroy,” Mosseri said on the Recode Media podcast, adding that, “ I think social networks are similar ”.

Mosseri went further in his comparison and stated that it is not fair to say that a product should focus only on the negative, since much will depend on its use. This after defending himself before people who maintain that Instagram is similar to the effects caused by a drug.

“Absolutely not, and I really disagree with the comparison with drugs or cigarettes, which have very limited benefits, if any. Anything that is going to be used at scale is going to have positive and negative results. The cars have positive and negative results ”.

Finally Mosseri referred to the potential regulations that social networks should have:

“We think you have to be careful because regulation can cause more problems,” Mosseri said on the podcast. “But I think we are an industry big enough to be important, and we need to evolve forward.”

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