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‘Heading to Cibeles’: More Madrid activates the electoral machinery to recover the Mayor’s Office and return “prestige” to the city

The loss of the Madrid mayor’s office was a serious setback for Más Madrid. The party led by Iñigo Errejón at the national level, won those 2019 elections again with Manuela Carmena at the head of the candidacy. But he did not manage to govern by not adding enough councilors with the rest of the leftist formations. The PP and Ciudadanos agreed on a coalition government for which they needed the support of Vox: José Luis Martínez-Almeida took control of the baton and Begoña Villacís became his deputy mayor.

The leftist parties rearm before turning the page of United We Can

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Faced with this adverse scenario, the judge decided to resign and the group carmenist he remained leading the opposition with 16 councillors. The decision to appoint Rita Maestre spokesperson for that team to the detriment of Marta Higueras caused an internal crisis in Más Madrid that ended with the departure of Higueras and three other mayors who promoted their own project: Recupera Madrid. Shortly after the coalition government voted in favor of forming the Mixed Group, the splinters achieved, as “payment” -according to the other groups- for the support they gave the mayor to be able to carry out various ordinances, and shortly after also the Budgets of 2021.

Now, Más Madrid is preparing to do battle in the double appointment with the polls at the end of May 2023, with its sights set above all on trying to regain the mayor’s office in the capital and seize the Government from Almeida, whom they accuse of ending the legislature without leaving any legacy to the people of Madrid. “The PP government has meant a break for the city at the worst time, a lost mandate for the modernization process that our government began. Nobody will remember any transformative project of Almeida, the only thing that is underway comes from the progressive government of the previous mandate. Almeida has dedicated himself throughout the legislature to acting as spokesman for the PP and confronting other institutions. For Madrid there has only been negligence and laziness, there has been neither project nor management”. This is reflected in the document that the municipal group will debate this weekend before the Plenary that they celebrate between this Friday and Saturday in Madrid’s Círculo de Bellas Artes under the title “Rumbo a Cibeles 2023”, to which this newsroom has had access.

The appointment will serve to grease the electoral machinery and will lay the foundations for what will be the training program “taking into account the political, social and economic context” that the country is experiencing. But one of the things they want to make clear is that what they want most is to “talk about the real problems” that exist in the capital, without falling into the temptation, as they say the PP councilor does, of talking all the time about the Government of Sánchez and national affairs, more typical of the contest of some generals. “Unlike the rest of the forces, increasingly focused on the national, at Más Madrid we like local politics. It’s what we do best. For us, it is not minor politics, nor is it a stepping stone to reach other spheres of power”, they affirm in said document, not without first recalling “the scandals of espionage, patronage, waste and those recommended” that it has been, in his opinion“, the hallmark of the PP government, “a very expensive government for the citizens of Madrid, which has produced very little and has used the institutions for private and partisan purposes“.

The conclave will start this Friday at five in the afternoon and Saturday morning will be dedicated to explaining and voting on the document ‘Heading to Cibeles 2023’, prepared by the Executive Coordinator of Más Madrid Ciudad. Rita Maestre and Mónica García will be in charge of the closing.

In Más Madrid they do not hide that “the trend in Madrid points to a PP that has contained VOX effectively and that is growing at the expense of Ciudadanos”, although they emphasize that in the face of this there is “an opposition in which Más Madrid emerges as the only alternative ” for the citizens, while “Almeida is already working to change partners in 2023. There is no doubt that if they add even one vote, the next government will have VOX in Cibeles”. They also warn that “the PP, without a doubt, is going to propose the municipal and regional elections as a first round of the general elections. He is going to try to make them national elections, acting in opposition to the Sánchez government, thus trying to avoid the debate on the management of the Madrid administrations. It is going to try to be government and opposition”.

That is why Rita Maestre’s group will emphasize in valuing what they believe Madrid lacks: more green policies; a real commitment in the fight against climate change; defense of feminism and LGTBI groups; culture support; greater contact with migrant organizations and greater attention to the problems of young people to guarantee them housing, employment, education, health and mental health. Another of the focuses of Más Madrid will be families in all their diversity, who “face the challenge of developing their family project in a city not designed for children and adolescents and with difficult access to many basic services for a family”. In the labor field, another of the axes of the document, they bet on “the reduction of the working day, for the 32-hour working day and the right to time for life”.

“We are the strength of Madrid. We were born here and returning to Cibeles in 2023 is our priority”, they remark, also recalling that they have “government experience”: “We won the last elections, we have a program, we have a project”, so they believe they are “in a position to win the upcoming elections.”

In case there were doubts, they insist that “More Madrid is a force that has come to stay, the main progressive force, the alternative to the PP. We will only be able to win the elections with an efficient and democratic structure, with a motivated militancy and that is capable of contesting the campaign in the street with the PP from power to power”, they conclude in the document that they will debate in the Plenary.

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