Friday, September 17

Health and communities increase the capacity of football matches to 60% and set 40% for basketball

The Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities have agreed this Wednesday to expand the maximum capacity in mass sporting events. In football stadiums the capacity is increased to 60% and in basketball courts the percentage increases to 40%, as they are closed enclosures. This agreement has come about less than a month after the first more restrictive quotas were set and the day on which Spain will exceed 70% of its population with the complete guideline against COVID-19.

On August 4, Health and communities agreed in the Interterritorial Health Council to establish a maximum capacity of 40% in football stadiums for the month of August and 30% in basketball courts, always guaranteeing a minimum distance of 1 , 5 meters between people. This agreement had the support of all the communities except Euskadi, which abstained and set the capacity in its stadiums at 20% for the first football matches of the league start.

In addition to gauging and ensuring interpersonal distance, measures related to staggered accesses, mobility within the enclosures, the mandatory use of a mask and the prohibition of consuming drinks or meals, as well as to smoke.

These measures have been in force since August 13, when the League competition started, until last August 29.

In any case, it is an agreement of maximums, which means that each community could decide the capacity of its stadiums depending on the health situation. Something similar advanced the Navarrese president, MarĂ­a Chivite, when talking about capacity ranges that the communities could then adapt according to their needs.

The new measures will be in effect until September 30, at which time Health and communities will meet again to reassess the situation. If the data allows it, the idea is that the capacity will continue to expand.

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