Wednesday, August 4

Health approves the sale of self-diagnostic tests of the coronavirus without prescription in pharmacies

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has announced that the sale of the SARS-CoV-2 self-diagnostic tests will be authorized in pharmacies without a prescription, with the aim of facilitating the identification of the positives suspected of having COVID- 19 and thus be able to take measures in the face of the progression of the pandemic.

Darias explained that he will take this measure to the Council of Ministers on July 20 after the favorable opinion of the Council of State on July 8. “It is very important to establish self-diagnosis measures, since the requirement of prescription for sale to the public constituted a barrier and it is convenient to include it among the self-diagnosis products authorized for purchase in pharmacies,” said the minister.

The Government will thus approve a measure that several communities asked of it – the one that made the most noise was Madrid – months ago, but then it rejected. In May, Darias argued that the then-existing tests were not adequate (“we only had for professional use,” he said). Now the self-diagnostic tests are already on the market and that is why “the need to regulate it” has arisen. Pharmacists had been campaigning in networks for a few days to get their sale approved.

Darias has made this announcement in the Congressional Health Commission, in which he appears to explain the policy developed by the Government in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, which faces an explosion of infections in recent weeks.

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