Wednesday, February 21

Health eliminates the latest restrictions due to the pandemic in schools

It is practically decreeing the end of the pandemic in educational centers. The Public Health Commission has communicated this Friday that it is updating the document on prevention, hygiene and health promotion measures against COVID-19 in educational centers with a series of measures that imply, de facto, the end of the restrictions in schools and institutes, especially those that concern the dining room.

The public body that directs the Ministry of Health explains that in the face of this course that begins, groups of stable coexistence (those watertight classes that could not in theory relate to others) will be allowed to interact “in any situation and physical space”, the same decision that is adopted for the ESO, FP and Baccalaureate groups, confirming a decision that had already been made in May.

The changes of the commission especially affect the dining rooms, where it will no longer be necessary to maintain the interpersonal safety distance or organize breakfasts or snacks in morning or extracurricular activities by stable coexistence groups.

In any case, cross ventilation is still recommended as the “preferred option”, although the need for it to be permanent is withdrawn: in theory, the images of students and teachers wearing coats, hats and gloves during classes are over. It will be ventilated, recommends Health, at time changes.

Finally, cleaning requirements are also relaxed. It will no longer be necessary to do it every class change, but rather it becomes “in the usual terms for the educational field”.