Thursday, September 16

Health registers 168 deaths and 9,561 new cases in the last 24 hours

Spain has registered 168 deaths in the last day, an increase with respect to the previous day, when 132 were reported. Although the deaths registered are slightly lower than those of the previous week, the peak of deaths of this fifth wave has not yet subsided. . Since the start of the pandemic, a total of 84,640 people have died with COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health has also reported 9,561 new infections in the last day, a figure that contrasts with the 6,818 notified on Wednesday. That day was the lowest number of infections in a day since the end of June, at the beginning of this fifth wave of the pandemic that is now remitting. In total, 4,871,444 people have been infected with coronavirus since the beginning of the health crisis.

The communities that register the highest number of new infections are Catalonia, which has 3,524 cases; Andalusia, with 1,253; and Madrid, which adds 1,201.

The incidence continues to decline in Spain and this Thursday stands at 210.62 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, a drop of 11.14 points compared to the 221 infections on Wednesday. The incidence is low in all the autonomous communities.

Younger age groups also improve their incidence levels. The rate goes from 313 to 290 infections per 100,000 inhabitants between those aged 20 to 29 and from 433 to 399 among those aged 12 to 19.

Meanwhile, hospital pressure continues to ease. The ICU occupancy yields a few tenths and those admitted to conventional beds for COVID are 300 less than yesterday.

Health experts recommend limiting the third dose to immunosuppressed people for now

Health experts at the European level have recommended this Wednesday that, for the moment, the use of third doses be limited to people with severely weakened immune systems, such as transplant patients or patients with cancer treatments. Both the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the Spanish vaccine presentation have reached the same conclusion: apply a third dose to immunosuppressed people and not to the general population.

“Based on current evidence, there is no urgent need to administer booster doses of vaccines to fully vaccinated individuals in the general population. The report also notes that additional doses should be considered for people with severely weakened immune systems if they fail to achieve a level adequate protection of standard vaccination “, has reported the ECDC in a statement.

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