Wednesday, March 22

Health registers 34,380 new infections, the lowest number in two months, and 310 deaths

The incidence of the coronavirus falls more than 100 points and stands at 1,142.13 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The last time it fell below a thousand cases was on December 23, just before the Christmas holidays and the explosion of infections from this sixth wave. That day the rate marked 911 points, but the trend was upward after the contagion curve began to gradually rise in early November.

Daily infections drop compared to previous days. The Ministry reports 34,380 new positives, the lowest since December 17, when 33,359 infected were registered. The total count of people with coronavirus amounts to 10,707,286 cases.

By autonomous communities, the incidence is already almost close to 500 cases in Andalusia, with 511 points. Nearby is the Canary Islands, with 544 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Meanwhile, Galicia is at the head in terms of incidence, with 1,790 points.

Hospital pressure continues to decline. This Monday the country has already left the ‘high’ risk of occupation in hospitals, and that percentage continues to drop to 9.21% of the beds occupied by COVID patients. On the other hand, occupancy in ICUs also decreased, with 15.64% of the beds occupied in these units.

The latest report includes 310 deaths from COVID-19, a total of 96,906 since the pandemic began. This Monday, the 2,000 deaths reported in the last week were exceeded, but around 800 of them corresponded to Catalonia, which added figures from different days due to errors in updating its data. In other words, the data on the deceased does not have to correspond to a single day: this Monday, 601 deaths from COVID were reported, but not all of them occurred during the weekend.

By age groups, the incidence continues to decline. The lowest rate is collected by people between 60 and 69 years old, with 666 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. On the other hand, the group with the highest rate is that of people between 12 and 19 years old, with 1,676.75 points, a figure not much higher than the national average.

From the ‘zero contagion’ goal to focusing on avoiding deaths: drugs and vaccines now set the pace of the pandemic

The sixth wave has left behind record levels of contagion that have been cushioned in hospitals by vaccines. Now, with the curve already on the decline, an unprecedented scenario is opening up marked by multiple unknowns.

We do not know how the virus will evolve, but in practice, Spain has entered a change in the management of the pandemic characterized by less and less control of transmission and by the prioritization of seriously ill and vulnerable patients. In fact, the accumulated incidence has exceeded 3,000 cases with hardly any restrictions that tried to stop the circulation of the virus, while the health authorities have focused their discourse on the importance of vaccination.