Monday, July 4

Health will keep the mandatory mask in public transport and you will always have to carry one on you

The Minister of Health is informing all the regional councilors this afternoon about the new regulations for the use of masks against COVID-19. It is a procedure, since the rule will be approved tomorrow, in the Council of Ministers, by the Government. Health sources specify to that the rule will be that they may not be used outdoors as long as there is an interpersonal distance of 1.5 meters between non-cohabitants. They will remain mandatory in all closed spaces for public use, or open to the public, and also in all public means of transport. “It will be important that we remember to carry it by hand,” they point out from Health. This is in case, even if you do not enter any space, at some point there are crowds and you cannot keep your distance, or if you have to use public transport.

The new regulations will be in force as of this Saturday, June 26. As El País has advanced, it will also exempt residents in social health centers and their workers from use if more than 80% have received the complete schedule of the COVID-19 vaccine. Minister Carolina Darias has transferred these details to the counselors in the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System. Some, like those of Andalusia, had been upset that the regulation was finally assumed by the Government of Spain tomorrow, and it had not been decided with the autonomous communities.