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Heat in the United Kingdom: Google and Oracle’s cloud melts | Digital Trends Spanish

The extreme temperatures in the United Kingdom are not giving up, with more than 40 degrees Celsius in several locations, the technology industry is also suffering a lot. Sample of this are the storage clouds and google data centers Y Oraclewhich are almost melting from the heat.

The Register first reported cloud server heat-related failures.

“As a result of unseasonal temperatures in the region, a subset of the cooling infrastructure within the UK South Data Center (London) has experienced an issue,” Oracle said on Tuesday. “As a result, some customers may not be able to access or use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources hosted in the region.

“The relevant service teams have engaged and are working to restore the affected infrastructure to a healthy state, however, as a precautionary measure, we are in the process of identifying service infrastructure that can be safely shut down to prevent failure.” additional hardware. This step is being taken with the intention of limiting the potential for any long-term impact to our customers.”

Google Cloud said that several of its products are “experienced by high error rates, latencies or service unavailability” when served from systems located at europe-west2-a, which is one of its London facilities.

These issues are affecting various compute and storage-related services, including BigQuery, SQL, and Kubernetes. Google acknowledged the downtime at 1615 UTC. This interruption, on the one hand, has shot down WordPress websites hosted by WP Engine in the UK, powered by Google Cloud.

“There has been a cooling-related failure in one of our buildings that houses the europe-west2-a zone for the europe-west2 region,” according to a warning separate from Google.

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