Tuesday, November 28

Heatstroke, dizziness, vomiting and 40-degree temperatures, the “outrageous” return bus ride from Arenal Sound

“Outrageous”. This is how the passengers of one of the buses that took them back from Burriana, where the Arenal Sound festival was held, to Alicante without air conditioning and with three hours to go: “Getting on the bus we noticed that the air conditioning was not working and the driver, who belongs to the Agostense coach company, lied to us saying that it would work in a few minutes”. This is how one of the passengers of this transport explains it in a Twitter thread, which accompanies her messages with a video in which you can see the stress suffered by travelers due to the heat.

A “bottleneck” strangles an oversaturated season of festivals

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The bus began the return trip “and the air was still not working”, with temperatures close to 40 degrees, according to this user. Faced with this situation, she points out that many of those present asked to get off and that they were responsible for returning to Alicante, “we could not spend three hours in this situation.”

“People began to get dizzy, the floor was puddled with sweat and many began to have anxiety attacks,” he maintains, adding that they even considered breaking the windows of the emergency exit: “We ended up calling the police, who finally forced the driver to get out and let us out.” Ambulances also came in case it was necessary to attend to any passengers.

According to this passenger, there were people crying, dizzy, very hot, anxiety attacks… “there are those who came to have a fever and vomit.” Finally, after ‘rebelling’ in the face of this situation, they were relocated to buses from the same company that had “excess space” and those that “could have changed us the moment it became known that the air conditioning was not working”.

“The health of many people has been played with, it is shameful that they tease us and it is more than clear that they have done it because they are a group of young people who come from partying, but the truth is that nobody can endure three hours in a bus with 37 degrees and no air”, he concludes.

Facua’s complaint

FACUA-Consumers in Action has asked the Generalitat Valenciana to open an investigation and assess the opening of a disciplinary proceeding against Agostense coaches, the company in charge of transporting users of the Arenal Sound festival held between August 2 and 7 in Alicante to Alicante. the Castellón municipality of Burriana. The association has learned through user complaints on social networks.

Facua has denounced Agostense coaches before the General Directorate of Commerce and Consumption and the General Directorate of Public Works, Transport and Mobility of the Generalitat Valenciana.

According to article 16 of Legislative Decree 1/2019, of December 13, of the Consell, approving the consolidated text of the Law of the Statute of consumers and users of the Valencian Community, “consumers and users have the right to that the goods and services placed on the market are safe.

As stated in this rule, Goods or services are considered safe that, under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use, including their duration, do not present any risk to the health or safety of people, or only the minimum risks compatible with the use of the good or service and considered admissible within a high level of protection of the health and safety of people”.

ask for an investigation

The association has asked both organizations to investigate the events that occurred and, specifically, if the lack of air conditioning in the bus and the attitude of the driver have been able to cause dangerous situations for the physical integrity of the passengers who were inside the bus.

In the same way, it is also requested that an investigation be carried out on Agostense coaches in order to certify that its bus fleet has the necessary technical requirements that are required to develop the activity of passenger transport by road.

Likewise, the Generalitat Valenciana is also required, in the event that it detects that these events have caused a breach of current regulations, to open the corresponding sanctioning file.