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Héctor Gómez, a discreet man to play the PSOE in Congress

Héctor Gómez (Guía de Isora, 1978) will be the new face of the PSOE in Congress. The until now deputy for Tenerife and foreign spokesman is the discreet man that Pedro Sánchez has chosen to relieve Adriana Lastra, who will carry, in principle, the political weight exclusively from Ferraz. Gómez will now have to roll up his sleeves to negotiate weekly each vote for the Government’s initiatives. “He will be a good spokesperson,” says one of the people who has worked hand in hand with him at the PSOE’s Secretariat for International Relations, a position he has held since 2017.

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The Tenerife leader was one of Sánchez’s men in the Canary Islands during the battle for leadership four years ago and since then he has been one of the secretary general’s trusted people, but always from the background. Those who know him emphasize his kindness and also a “healthy ambition”. “He is very hard-working, conscientious, attentive, and grateful,” says someone who has worked with him in recent times and who agrees with a comrade on the bench that he is a person who has played a role in the other socialists in the Foreign Commission. , which is the one that has been called upon to lead this legislature. “Listen, he is empathetic, he is not a person who monopolizes,” sums up a parliamentarian who knows him well and who hopes that he will maintain that attitude as a conductor of the socialist bench.

He came to Congress as the head of the PSOE list for Tenerife after a brief visit to Turespaña, the body for which Sánchez elected him after the motion of censure. Graduated in Labor Sciences and graduated in Tourism, he preferred that his name be on the ballot for the 2019 elections. It was not the first time he had appeared on an electoral list.

His political career is one of those that can be considered meteoric, always within the PSOE. Raised in the environment of socialism in the south of the island, where historic mayors such as Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, president of the Canarian PSOE, or the one who continues to be its main supporter, the current secretary general of the PSOE on the island, rule. Pedro Martín, current president of the Cabildo, began in 2003 as a councilor at his command in Guía de Isora, the third most important tourist municipality in Tenerife. From municipalism it passed to the regional Parliament in 2015, directly in charge of the Canarian Autonomous Chamber Table and from the hand of Sánchez to the national terrain. Some see in their rise the search for quarry for the future regional and local elections of 2023, as has happened with many of the appointments as a result of the remodeling of the Government.

“He is attentive, correct, a very good speaker, he fits well in the dialectic,” says one of the sources consulted. He is a discreet person, with a political discourse far from fuss, with refined manners, but with a lot of retreat. His last speech – regarding the appearance of Minister José Manuel Albares – was highly applauded in the socialist ranks, where his name was beginning to sound as a possible spokesman. Now it will be his turn to give the party’s reply, which always allows more licenses than the president, in the great debates to a Pablo Casado who will not give a truce to the Government and the extreme right. “He has handled sensitive issues very well, such as Venezuela or Morocco and since he is a deputy in this legislature he has had increasing visibility,” says a prominent leader who remembers his words on Afghanistan last Monday.

But Venezuela is undoubtedly the issue that has obsessed him the most during his time as head of the PSOE international. He was one of the defenders of the recognition of Juan Guaidó as president in charge – an operation that many socialists regret after the result – and received him as a socialist representative on his visit to Spain and was also behind the meeting of Sánchez and Leopoldo López in Ferraz a few months ago. His position on Venezuela, acknowledges one of the leaders consulted, will be a discrepancy with United We Can, the group with which he will have to be in close contact from now on.

The father of a little girl, Gómez is described by one of his fellow ranks as a “man glued to a telephone” who will have to use his energy to add the twenty seats that Sánchez needs in Congress for his project to succeed.

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