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Heinz wants to grow tomatoes on Mars to make ketchup | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the great aspirations of NASA, scientists and aerospace companies is to ensure the constant presence of human beings on Mars.

One of the conditions for this to happen is to overcome the obstacle of food, especially to generate autonomy in this area with respect to the Earth.

The Heinz company has thought about this point, only that more than the essential foods, the firm is concerned with the condiments.

Heinz has recruited a group of astrobiologists from Florida Tech’s Aldrin Space Institute to see the possibility of growing tomatoes in simulated Martian soil.


The idea is that the future settlers of the Red Planet can make ketchup from their own tomato plantations.

“The team successfully harvested Heinz tomatoes from the brand’s own tomato seeds, with the exact qualities that exceed rigorous quality and taste standards to become their iconic ketchup,” the company said in a statement. .

While it may seem like a good advertising gamble, the company’s attempt also has a lot of scientific research, especially the study of long-term plant growth.

“Until now, most efforts to discover ways of growing under simulated Martian conditions were short-term plant growth studies. What this project has done is study the long-term food harvest, ”explains Andrew Palmer, the astrobiologist who led the two-year project.

“Getting a quality harvest to turn into Heinz tomato ketchup was the dream result and we have achieved it.”

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