Saturday, September 25

Helena Cortés Gabaudán, National Award for Best Translation 2021

The Ministry of Culture and Sports of Spain has awarded Helena Cortés Gabaudán with the National Award for Best Translation 2021 for the translation from German into Spanish of The East and West Divan by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a book considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and which, from the jury’s point of view, “is a pioneering attempt to merge the cultures of the East and the West.” He also acknowledges that “it presents a special complexity, since at the base of the poetic part of the book are poems from the eastern world, especially from Persian, but also from Turkish and Arabic, as well as suras from the Koran and others.”

Likewise, the jury has also recognized Anne-Hélène Suárez with the National Award for the Work of a Translator 2021 for “her great work in disseminating Chinese literature in Spain, specifically for her translations of classical Chinese works accompanied by introductions for contextualize them by giving enormous importance to the cultural, historical and social keys of the original work, which allows the reader to apprehend them in all their dimensions “.

The purpose of the National Award for the Work of a Translator is to distinguish the whole of the work carried out by a Spanish translator or translator, whatever the language or languages ​​used in the development of their work, and who has devoted special attention to the translation of foreign works into any official language in the Spanish State.

For its part, literary works translated by Spanish translators or translators, from any language into Spanish or any of the official languages ​​in the State, and that have been published for the first time in Spain in 2020, opt for the National Award for Best Translation. Each of the prizes is endowed with 20,000 euros.

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