Saturday, December 10

Here is the first trailer for the Slam Dunk movie | Digital Trends Spanish

For fans of anime and sleeve slam dunkthe first official trailer of the film has already appeared, which will debut on December 3 in Japan.

This first preview allows us to see in a little more detail the design that the different characters will have, which will leave the traditional animation aside for a 3D one.

The First Slam Dunk is the film adaptation of the manga that turned 30 in October 2020, which began its publication in 1990 in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, extending until 1996. As for the anime adaptation, it arrived in 1993, with a total of 101 episodes.

Data sheet:

  • Original Story, Screenplay, Director: Takehiko Inoue
  • Director: Naoki Miyahara, Katsuhiko Kitada, Satoshi Ohashi, Yasuhiro Motoda, Fumihiko Suganuma, Yu Kamatani
  • Character Design: Takehiko Inoue Yasuyuki Ehara
  • CG Director: Daiki Nakazawa
  • Animation Director: Yasuyuki Ehara
  • Art director: Kazuo Ogura
  • Color Design: Shiori Koshi
  • Director of Photography: Shunsuke Nakamura
  • Editing: Ryuichi Takita
  • Sound Direction: Hiroshi Kasamatsu
  • Animation Producer: Kazuhiro Nishikawa
  • Producer: Toshiyuki Matsui

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