Monday, November 28

HereAfter AI revives your dead relatives to give them a voice | Digital Trends Spanish

A technology startup specializing in human grief, called HereAfter AIwants to fulfill the promise of bringing deceased loved ones back to life.

For that, they are using recordings of people who died, which, when recorded, leave a database that can be used to generate conversations in the world of the living.

as reported MIT Technology Reviewthe technology works training an AI on images, recordings, and footage of recently deceased people to create a virtual way for those who are grieving to “interact.”

“From what I could gather from over a dozen conversations with my parents who are practically deceased, this will really make it easier to keep the people we love close,” wrote Charlotte Jee of MIT.

“HereAfter is an app that allows you to preserve meaningful memories about your life”, reads on the company’s website“and share them interactively with the people you love.”

Other companies, such as UK-based StoryFile, allow quasi-holographic versions of deceased people attend their own funerals.

According to Jee, their AI “parents” first sounded “distant and metallic,” but began to “sound more like themselves” over time.

And it seems she got some value out of the experience, saying she learned some new stories about younger life from each of her parents, heard some stories about her own childhood, and even got some life advice.

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