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Here’s the long-awaited UFO report released by the Pentagon | Digital Trends Spanish

A report on UFOs prepared by the United States intelligence community and presented to Congress this Friday, June 25, leaves without definitive explanation 143 encounters that the US military reported as unidentified aerial phenomena (FANI).

In this way, the report, which was published by the Pentagon at the request of Congress, does not serve to explain whether those sightings were due to atmospheric phenomena that cause anomalies in the sensors or simply deceive the vision of the pilots.

Nor if they respond to technologies developed by foreign powers or even extraterrestrial ships.

The document lacks evidence on the origin of these UFOs in many of the cases, although it does not offer any evidence that would allow us to think of an origin outside of this planet.

However, the report did determine that the FANIs could pose a threat to national security. Basically, the main concern of the Government and Congress is that those objects are a sample of superior technologies used by enemy nations of the United States.


“The available data do not allow conclusions,” says the report. “The limited number of high-quality reports restricts our ability to reach firm conclusions about their nature,” he adds.

For this research, the Pentagon focused on events that occurred between 2004 and 2021. Thus, the report concludes that “probably most” of the detected UFOs reflect physical objects since they were captured by sensors, including radars, infrared, weapon scopes or naked eye.

Although it also states that some cases could be due to errors in the sensors or interpretation by those who observed them.

The document can be reviewed in its entirety at this link.

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