Monday, May 29

Heura triggers its turnover again and reaches 17 million euros in sales

Ivy keeps up his streak. the company of plant-based meat It ended last year with a turnover of 17.7 million euros, more than double that of the previous year (+121%) and around six times more than before the pandemic. It is, according to a statement, “its most successful year in almost five years of history”, although it cuts the growth experienced by the company between 2019 and 2020 by half.

However, beyond its turnover levels, this Barcelona-based company also celebrates being present in 20 countries (compared to the 13 it added in 2020) and having quadrupled its points of sale, from 3,000 to 13,000 in the last year.

“Among the milestones that have catapulted the company in 2021 are its entry into the world’s largest retailer, Walmart; a series A investment round of 16 million euros led by Impact Foodingas well as by soccer players Chris Smalling, Sergio Robert Y Cesc Fabregas and the launch of three new products, among which are the Nuggets, the Sausage and the Chorizo”, summarizes the start-up in the statement, where it also highlights that during this year the company saved 630 million liters of water, 1 .4 million CO2 emissions and 80,000 animal lives.

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Now, Heura already looks towards the exercise that has just begun. Looking ahead to 2022, the company’s goals are to launch up to 10 new products, continue to grow internationally and find a way to balance its prices with those of the animal meat market to become more accessible on the market. To this end, the R&D team has been strengthened by acquiring 30 food science and technology patents.

“The proprietary technology that we will launch in 2022 will be the key to unlocking the potential of the movimiento ‘plant-based’ and turn the food industry around”, explains the CEO of Heura, Marc Coloma. “The exponential growth we are experiencing demonstrates that the future will be plant-based: we are committed to accelerating the protein transition with major investment in technology and our activism through entrepreneurship.”