Tuesday, May 24

Hic Rhodus, hic jump

It is not necessary to present the facts, all of Madrid knows them. All of Madrid and all of Spain. The PP lives moments of terrible instability. It does not seem that the internal differences of the flagship of the right-wing country are going to be resolved peacefully; What’s more, some of the most voracious pets of neoliberalism are committed to extirpating the losers through an exemplary purge: omertá cannot be broken, the party is above anything else. It always sweeps inwards. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. The nepotism of one of our own is not attacked. Politics is cake, after all, right? There’s cake for everyone who behaves well.

The problem is that the Sicilian disputes of the PP have reached the edge of the City Hall of the capital. Pretending to use public resources to harm your adversary supposes the fulmination of any ethical code. That is why the investigation commission that is being carried out is so important. It is not about making firewood from the fallen tree, among other things because the tree has not yet fallen. It is about getting to the bottom of this conspiracy and discovering the origin of an unacceptable strategy from democratic approaches. There are very deep roots. They have failed to do what they wanted because of a media leak, let’s not forget this. It is very important when accepting his apology.

Martínez Almeida is the man of constant new opportunities. Now is his time to show, not just repentance (which he should) but contrition. It is in his hand to grease the functioning of the commission or bet on its oxidation. If he doesn’t cooperate, everything slows down. Perhaps that is his purpose. We live in times of media immediacy, if the wave breaks on the beach there is no news. One can play at being a good politician or one can be one without masquerades. It’s about conviction. What do you really believe? Where is your loyalty? With the people of Madrid or with the family? They are simple questions, although it seems that our mayor has a hard time answering them.

We have put Ciudadanos in the presidency of the commission. What a great opportunity to make things right! They are in the government, they continue in it, despite the regrets. Being pessimistic, I find no better way to disappear as a party than giving a lesson in honesty. Being optimistic, what a time to start the comeback among the right-wing civic electorate! If in the end they choose to remain, once again, in profile, they will be agreeing with Luther King when he stated: “I am not worried about the cry of the violent, the corrupt, the dishonest, the unethical. What worries me most is the silence of the good ones.”

As a spokesperson for the socialist municipal group, my team and I commit ourselves to giving everything. We want to know everything so that the citizens know everything. We have a clear roadmap and our objective is to ensure that the truth is known and that the City Council of the capital of Spain recovers its dignity and is an example of honesty. We don’t deserve this.