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Hideo Kojima opens a new studio focused on film, TV and music | Digital Trends Spanish

Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear Solid and Death stranding, will expand its video game worlds to other media with the opening of a new division of Kojima Productions, dedicated to film, music and television.

This division will be located in Los Angeles, California, and will be led by Ripley Russell, who for almost three decades was in high-level executive roles at PlayStation. The objective of this division of Kojima Productions will be none other than to expand Kojima’s work and take it beyond video games and for them to become part of popular culture.

“Our new division will take the stories created by Kojima Productions beyond video games,” said Yoshiko Fukuda, business development manager at Kojima Productions. Games Industry.

This new step from Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions in general is not very new. It is known that Kojima is interested in telling deep and complex stories, and a proof of this is the entire saga of Metal Gear Solid, which in addition to a very good gameplay did not remove the narrative: the games are famous for their extensive cinematics, which can last for hours and which explain in great detail what happens beyond the missions and activities.

Without going any further, its most recent Death stranding exploited that idea, despite the fact that everything related to systems and mechanics turned out to be generally simpler than what was seen in Metal Gear Solid.

Perhaps this new split is a way to pave the way for a future Hideo Kojima film or series, something that many fans hope will materialize before the legendary Japanese director retires.

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