Thursday, February 2

High on Life includes a complete cult movie from the 90s | Digital Trends Spanish

High on Life is now available on Xbox One, xbox series x /S and PC. The adventure will probably take you around 10-15 hours, but you may want to plan on spending an extra 82 minutes on it. This is because you can watch the 1994 cult classic Tammy and the T-Rex in its entirety within the game, if you wish.

The central plot of High on Life tour in revolves around a three-eyed alien named Gene who ends up crashing on the hero’s couch. While he makes his living coordinating rewards and giving players upgrades, he’s a bit of a mooch who spends the game watching TV. He very specifically seems to love Tammy and the T-Rex. If you have time to kill, you can watch the entire movie in-game, from start to finish.

Tammy & the T-Rex trailer (1994) Paul Walker Denise Richards

Tammy and the T-Rex it’s something of a cult classic with an absolutely bizarre plot. The horror comedy film stars Denise Richards as Tammy and Paul Walker as Michael, a pair of high school sweethearts. After a falling out with Tammy’s jealous ex-boyfriend, a group of mad scientists implant Michael’s consciousness into a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Revenge ensues with the kind of campy murders you’d expect from a ’90s movie. You might even see a poster taped to your house eventually.

Why Tammy and the T-Rex? I won’t pretend to know how it ended up here, but its absurd sci-fi premise seems like a natural fit for the game and creator Justin Roiland’s style in general. If you have some time to kill between missions, sit back and give it a watch.

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