Saturday, December 4

Highlights of the week in the crypto space

Analysts at investment bank JPMorgan estimate that Bitcoin should cost nearly half of the $ 63,000 currently being traded. This was reported by Bloomberg with reference to a note for investors, compiled by bank experts.

Bitcoin’s fair value is $ 35,000,000, JPMorgan analysts came to this conclusion. They compared the first cryptocurrency with gold and highlighted that the price volatility of the digital asset is four times higher than that of the precious metal. If fluctuations in the Bitcoin exchange rate are halved, then the $ 73,000 target can be considered reasonable, experts say.

El Salvador plans to build 20 schools thanks to Bitcoin holdings

El Salvador plans to use the proceeds from Bitcoin to build 20 schools to expand education in the area. The country’s president, Nayib Bukele, has confirmed that tax revenues will not be used to finance the project.

The schools program aims to use the revenue from Bitcoin to modernize the education system. It also guarantees that Salvadoran taxpayers’ money will not be used for the project. The initiative is not the first project that El Salvador plans to finance with a Bitcoin trust fund.

KuCoin opens virtual office in the decentralized Metaverse Bloktopia

KuCoin opens virtual office in the decentralized Bloktopia Metaverse and plans for the virtual framework to contain other content creators such as Polygon and Avalanche.

The exchange has said that in the meta office, users will be able to decorate cyberpunks, interact with virtual furniture and chat online.

KuCoin, a Metaverse-friendly exchange platform, supports both Bloktopia’s native BLOK and Dreams Quest’s DREAMS utility token.

NFT Conferencia. NYC 2021

This week, the event most important in the NFT environment. In New York City, the NFT.NYC 2021 was held, over four days, more than 500 experts in the area gathered.

Among the highlights was the announcement made by Quentin Tarantino who said that he will launch his first NFT collection based on his 1994 film, Pulp Fiction. He digitized seven scenes from the film taken from their original script.

Although the exact date of its release was not revealed. It is estimated that the auction of this first NFT collection will be held next month.

Ethereum recorded a new all-time high

This week, the second largest cryptocurrency in the crypto market, Ethereum hit a new all-time high. The cryptocurrency traded above $ 4,400. From CryptoTrend it was reported that at the moment the Ethereum bulls do not show too much determination, but it is possible that volatility is about to increase.

Trial for fortune Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin

This week the trial involving Ira Kleiman against Craig Wright began in Miami, with the aim of elucidating one of the biggest mysteries of Bitcoin: who is Satoshi Nakamoto and what happened to his 1.1 million Bitcoins.

Since 2016, Wright, an Australian computer scientist and one of the early pioneers of the cryptocurrency, has claimed to be the founder of Bitcoin using this pseudonym.

According to this lawsuit, Wright did not act alone and notes that Ira Kleiman, his late brother David, Wright’s computer partner and longtime friend, was a co-creator of Bitcoin and is entitled to a share of a treasure of about 66 billion dollars. dollars in Bitcoins.

Both will have to show in court evidence of what they have said to determine the end of this story.

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