Sunday, December 5

Hillary Clinton Says China and Russia Can Handle Bitcoin

Hillary Clinton, a former US senator, returned to attacking cryptocurrencies this Wednesday (24) during a conversation with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. Days after claiming that cryptocurrencies could destabilize nations, Hillary has now said that China and Russia can manipulate and use them against the US.

After almost thirteen years since its creation, Bitcoin starts to gain shape and popularity. Starting to be feared by those with a strong currency due to a history of wars in the name of oil.

While Hillary creates conspiracy theories, believing that China or Russia has some influence over cryptocurrencies, other rulers are embracing the BTC and its industry. It is worth remembering the difference between the two, the pro-BTC were elected, while Hillary lost the last election.

Cryptocurrency conspiracy theory

After presenter Rachel Maddow presented her views on events related to the removal of apps from Apple and Google stores under pressure from the Russian government, Hillary spoke about the importance of creating or updating laws to close loopholes used especially by social networks.

Going further, the former senator also took the opportunity to speak again about cryptocurrencies. According to her, both the Chinese and Russian governments can use them to manipulate the world.

“Imagine the combination of social networks, the algorithms that drive social networks, and the accumulation of even greater amounts of money through the control of a certain cryptocurrency. We are not just looking at countries like China or Russia or others manipulating technologies of all kinds for their benefit, we are also looking at non-state actors [trabalhando] together with countries or on their own, destabilizing countries, destabilizing the dollar as a currency of value.”, stated Hillary Clinton

The curious thing is that China is the country with the biggest problems in relation to Bitcoin, after all it has banned cryptocurrencies at least 9 times since 2009. In addition, most Chinese miners migrated to the US this year due to one of these bans.

The Central Bank of Russia is also struggling with Bitcoin as lawmakers somehow try to legalize activities like mining in order to collect taxes. Therefore, of these three, the USA is the country closest to the BTC.

Hillary fears that Bitcoin will take the place of the dollar as a reserve of value

Following the same line of thinking in her last statement last Friday (19), Hillary continued to assert that cryptocurrencies can destabilize nations and state currencies.

Their fear makes it clear that Bitcoin is a better form of store of value than the US dollar, or any other state currency. After all, while the USD money supply has doubled in recent years, the BTC is mathematically heading towards a limit of 21 million currencies.

“There are a lot of important issues that the Biden government needs to keep up with, I just don’t think we have that much time and so I hope that from everything I’ve heard from them, that’s exactly what they’ll try to do.”, added Hillary Clinton.

Based on statements made in recent days, the US government is only interested in one sector: stablecoins. The statement by Christopher Waller, a Fed member, shows that the US is concerned about keeping stablecoin issuers within its jurisdiction.

Regarding Bitcoin (BTC), the US government doesn’t have much to do to stop it. On the contrary, the current mayors of Miami and New York want to receive their salaries in BTC.

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