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Hiroshi Ono, the artist behind Pac-Man and Galaga passes away | Digital Trends Spanish

Hiroshi Ono, Japanese graphic artist who created designs and images of legendary titles Pac-man or Galaga, passed away at the age of 64.

The death was announced by Ono’s official Twitter account, while the Japanese site Automaton reports that the death was due to complications caused by autoimmune hepatitis, although the details have not been confirmed.

#Mr ド ッ ト マ ン # 小野 浩 # ク ラ ウ ド フ ァ ン デ ィ ン グ を 応 援 し て い た だ い た 皆 様 へ
ご 報告 で す。

& mdash; Mr. ド ッ ト マ ン @ 中 の 人 は チ ー ム ド ッ ト マ ン ス タ ッ フ (@MrDotman_info) October 18, 2021

Ono began his career in videogames in 1979, when he joined the company Namco (now Bandai Namco). His work in those years was appreciated in games like Dig dug or Galaga, for which he created the type designs pixel art with which these titles were very popular.

New Rally X, Xevious and Mappy were just some of the other games to which Hiroshi Ono contributed his creations, at a time when – at least in Japan – those who worked on video game development they were not registered in their credits.

Despite having already left Bandai Namco a few years ago, he was still active in his work and not for nothing, in Japan he was called “the God of pixel art”. Following his death, important creators of the Japanese scene have expressed their admiration for the work of Mr. Dotman, as he was also known; among others, Katsuhiro Harada, creator of the series Tekken and also part of Bandai Namco.

ご 冥 福 を お 祈 り い た し ま す。
小野 浩 先輩 、 あ り が と う ご ざ い ま し た。

& mdash; Katsuhiro Harada (@Harada_TEKKEN) October 18, 2021

Hiroshi Ono’s work was so relevant and iconic that a documentary about his work called New / Continue, which had been collectively funded by the community and which appears to be going ahead as a posthumous tribute.

Of course, due to the rules of the platform, the creators will have to contact directly with those who had put extra money to receive some objects designed by Ono himself.

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