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Historical moments that marked the E3 | Digital Trends Spanish

After the cancellation of the face-to-face and digital version of the E3 2022 event was made official, many players began to nostalgically remember moments that marked the fair, which was considered the most important video game convention in the world.

It was in this instance where future releases were exhibited, both consoles and titles that would come to enrich the companies’ catalogs, which also led to unforgettable moments.

Since its inception in 1995, E3 offered milestones that we are going to remember, events and instances that marked the video game industry and that this time we will have to wait to find out if there will be a similar edition in the future.

The price of the first PlayStation

Probably one of the most iconic moments occurred in the first edition of E3. It was in 1995 when, in a move that seemed like a good blow for the company, Sega announced that its Saturn console would go on sale in the United States, also revealing the details of the platform and its price: $399 dollars.

However, Steve Race, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment at the time, came out on stage, and in a move that few players will have forgotten, he stopped and commented on just one detail: $299 dollars, the price of the future PlayStation.

That meant that those present applauded the situation and a sample of how the Japanese brand would enter the console market. Let’s remember that during that generation, the PSX became the best-selling desktop, surpassing the Saturn and Nintendo 64 by far, thanks to its 102.4 million units sold.

Super Smash Bros. Melee is introduced

Just as it happened with Sony in that first edition, a point that marked the players was the presentation of the sequel to the first Super Smash Bros. It was in 2001 that Shigeru Miyamoto showed the Melee trailer, a title that even today has his community and is present in several competitions at a professional level.

It was a festival of characters that was presented, in a title that would come to GameCube, giving rise to the assumption that a good time would come for the big N in the industry. However, that was far from happening.

Anyway, Super Smash Bros. Melee it became the best-selling video game on the platform, with 7.09 million units sold, which exemplifies its impact among players, which began with that extraordinary presentation by Miyamoto.

Killzone 2 graphics

One of the controversial moments came in the 2005 edition, with the presentation of Guerrilla de kill zone 2which would be present in the (then) future PlayStation 3.

What was shown by the Dutch company surprised by its graphic quality, shocking to believe that the next Sony console would reach a level never before imagined. In addition, the president and director of SCE of America, Jack Tretton, himself stated that they were in-game images.

However, over time the truth was revealed, when it became known that it was rather a kind of Guerrilla vision that he had regarding the title and that what was shown did not come close to the final version of the video game.

In fact, at the time, the Dutch company confirmed that it was pre-processed material, although finally kill zone 2 it would take four more years to reach the market, and although its graphic quality was outstanding, it did not achieve the aspect that was shown in the 2005 edition of E3.

GTA IV Announcement

Microsoft had the privilege at E3 2006 to announce the fourth part of Grand Theft Autoand he did it in an unforgettable way, through a tattoo by Peter Moore.

The one who was one of the biggest managers of the Redmond company at the time revealed part of his left arm, where the name of the Rockstar title was tattooed.

An extravagant idea perhaps, but one that had an impact on the players, judging by the reaction among those present, who applauded and shouted non-stop during that presentation.

The Beatles: Rock Band

An unforgettable moment for music fans and in the midst of the music video game boom was Microsoft’s presentation at E3 2009, when to everyone’s surprise, the members of the legendary band The Beatles appeared on stage.

The objective of that was the presentation of the version of the popular rock band around the group, at a time when Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were there, as well as Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison.

Curiously, the instance also brought with it a reflection on McCartney’s distant relationship with Ono, since the latter left before the artist went on stage.

In addition to this, there was also a humorous moment, since both Starr and McCartney were not so clear about what they were presenting, although that took a back seat, given that music and video games rarely came together in one instance. unforgettable for fans of both industries.

The presentation of PlayStation 4

The presentations of Xbox One and PS4 had quite distant and peculiar ceremonies at E3, where Sony knew how to take advantage of what was exposed by Microsoft.

The latter left the public distraught, by showing its new console, which would always be connected to the Internet, in addition to having other features that generated questions from the community.

To this were added unfortunate statements, such as those of Don Mattrick, who said that if people were not satisfied with the conditions of the new platform, they had a product designed for them: the Xbox 360.

All this brought that Sony, intelligently and with little to tell the truth, took advantage of enhancing the expectation of PlayStation 4, since in his conference, he made fun of Microsoft, indicating that users could borrow video games, in addition to the fact that it was not a console that was going to need to be connected all the time.

These and other details at the ceremony made the public happy about PS4, marking distance in the competition and that ultimately kept this platform so profitable until today, while Xbox had to change its strategy to recover the ground that had been achieved in the industry.

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