Monday, May 16

Historical pride

In the Teatro del Barrio I have seen a performance that is the most Pride that I have seen in this Pride in Madrid. No because in How crazy to fall in love with you, the admirable work of the writer Gabriela Wiener, there is lesbian love, yes, but because it transcends the structures where all love is still inscribed, the lesbian too, and dares to turn upside down the entire system that discriminates against him. With an unprecedented audacity, Wiener herself uncovers the truth on stage the miseries and contradictions to which the norm has doomed all of us, all of us, all of us. From a magnificent text in its honesty, built from the experience of coloniality, precariousness, imbalance, torsion and creativity, and with a humor that makes drama fun and tolerable, what is passionate about his proposal is that it counts on stage what he previously staged in the street, at home, in bed: the breakdown of monogamy, the questioning of the family nucleus, the impact of maternity wards, the conscientious effort to apply coherence, a reality chart, to the dissident, transforming, liberating, revolutionary ideas that every critical person has to face. Gabriela Wiener’s work is revolutionary, as her life is, as all Pride should be. That is why the author was last Monday in the massive demonstration of Critical Pride, which reminds us, like her work, that life is not cisheteropatriarchal: stories, guidelines, patterns, laws are.

While the manifestation of State Pride 2021 has yet to insist, through its central motto, that ‘Rights are not negotiated, they are legislated: for a Comprehensive Trans Law now!’, The lives of many people pass on the margins . For example, people who have to declare themselves ill to change their legal sex on the DNI, that is, they are forced to pathologize their identity to be recognized as equal. Because life goes their way, whoever wants to put doors to the field is put on. As can be seen in How crazy to fall in love with you Gabriela Wiener has a daughter, no matter how many turns we want to give to the as and oes. Extraordinarily sensible, by the way. And it’s going to be my daughter, wherever the laws go, only if they don’t go on the side of just equality they will make it more difficult for them. Why do we want to complicate, repress, discriminate the lives of our children, our daughters, our sons? Isn’t that the true pathology? Yes.

But this Pride 2021, which could have only been pandemic, bottleneck, dysphoric, warlike, pathetic, has become historic thanks to a minister, Irene Montero, who has known how to listen to people affected by the structural violence of heteropatriarchy and to defense groups of the victims. That is what the ministers are for, although we are not used to it. Thanks to their efforts, the Government has approved a Trans Law that dissents, transforms, liberates, and revolutionizes. The people who will benefit have already long (how many do not arrive in time) having a marginal role in the function that is their life. They simply recognize the reality that they are and the rights that belong to them, without necessity, as they asked Montero, as witnesses, third parties, guardianship, and control of self-determination. Not everything has been achieved, but it is a step that begins to do justice to the trans community and opens the way, still without clearing, towards the inclusion of non-binary people. Women must also celebrate that the law also protects lesbians and bisexuals, who have been discriminated against as mothers and families until now. Sometimes the obvious is revolutionary. That a justice at the forefront has also imposed itself on ideological obsolescence and the alleged omnipotence of Vice President Carmen Calvo relieves and rejoices greatly, and gives impetus to continue advancing.

In the end we were left with a much better Pride, happier, than expected. A historical pride. If you are in Madrid, go and celebrate it at the Teatro del Barrio with the trans, transformative, historical work of that brave woman who is the writer Gabriela Wiener.