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Historical sentence of the Italian justice: there was no crime in the state-mafia negotiation

For almost two decades in Italy there has been talk of a negotiation between the state and the bosses of Cosa Nostra, often creating shadows over politics and institutions. Thus, in April 2018, after a process that lasted more than 5 years, a judicial ruling was reached in which it was affirmed that there was negotiation between the State and the mafia. The Palermo court then sentenced people from the institutions and gangsters to penalties ranging from 8 to 28 years in prison for the negotiation between the State and the mafia after the terrible period of 1992-1993, bloody with the attacks on the magistrates Giovanni Falcone, murdered in May 1992, and

Paolo Borsellino, in July 1992, and later with the mafia attacks in Rome, Milan and Florence. According to the ruling, state men, such as ex-generals Mori and Subranni, secretly negotiated with the leaders of Cosa Nostra, including the one who was the mafia mayor of Palermo for months in 1970, Vito Ciancimino, of the Christian Democrats, and with the boss Totò Riina, so that the mafia put an end to the attacks.

The pretense of the mafia with its massacres was to bend the State to put an end to the regime of harshness against the men of Cosa Nostra in prisons. Among those convicted in April 2018, with 12 years in prison, is former senator Marcello Dell ‘Utri, who was Silvio Berlusconi’s right-hand man and contributed decisively to the creation of the Forza Italia party. On that date, 2018, the magistrate Nino Di Matteo, one of the prosecutors who brought the accusation in the process, described the sentence as “historic”, underlining the role of Silvio Berlusconi: “Previously, if the correlation of Cosa Nostra with the businessman Silvio Berlusconi has been established, now this sentence, for the first time, he raises a Cosa Nostra in correlation with the political Berlusconi ».

New and historic sentence

Now, the historic ruling of the Palermo court of appeal overturns the reconstruction that justice had done so far. In short, the court of appeal says that «the act does not constitute a crime“That is, the negotiation between the police and Cosa Nostra, which was carried out with the mediation of the former Christian Democrat mayor Vito Ciancimino, at the time of the mafia attacks, was legitimate and there was no intention or will on the part of the former officers of the Carabinieri Weapon to unleash or strengthen the blackmail of the mafia to the institutions. Ultimately, there were conversations, but the ruling establishes that there was an attempt by the heads of Cosa Nostra to subdue the State with bombs, massacres, assassinations and intimidation, but the institutions did not surrender, and the Carabineros del Ros (the special service of the Arma) did not convey to the top political leaders the wishes of the mafia bosses in those terrible years of mafia terrorism, during the years from 1992 to 1994.

The only culprits, according to the judgment of the Palermo court of appeal, are the gangsters, specifically Leoluca Bagarella, sentenced to 27 years in prison, and Antonino Ciná, Toto Riina’s doctor, to 12 years,

The alleged involvement of politicians

The reality is that for years in justice and journalistic environments it was commented that the negotiation between the State and the Mafia was a reality, directly or indirectly involving senior political leaders. The most striking case is that of Giulio Andreotti, prime minister seven times and 32 times minister, he was considered in many sectors as a mobster, He died in May 2013, shortly after being acquitted of the infamous accusation of having maintained a relationship with the mafia.

In the judgment of April 2018, former Senator Delll’Utri, for many years a close collaborator of Silvio Berlusconi, was sentenced to 12 years because, according to the indictment, “during the Berlusconi government period”, between 1993-1994, he acted as a transmission belt for the mafia message: “Dell’Utri delivered to Berlusconi the intimidating message of the mafia, and in 1994 he managed to convince him to take on legislative initiatives that, if they had been approved, could have favored the mafia, ”the sentence established. Today Marcello dell’Utri, after spending several years in prison and now being acquitted, has declared: “Here is the answer for those who spread hatred, justice works.”

The last word will be the supreme court. For now, after more than 10 years of judicial investigation and almost 20 years talking about eventual negotiations between the State and the mafia, the first sentence has been annulled and ten years of investigations are invalidated. But there are still many shadows about that tragic period.

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