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History of Steve Jobs’ phrase about Windows: “Over my corpse” | Digital Trends Spanish

These days the book has been released Buildwhere Tony Fadell, the father of iPodrecounts the strong disputes he had with Steve Jobs for proposing to open the application for Windows.

Fadell was hired by Manzana in 2001 to help the company develop its music strategy, which of course involved the iPod and thus exceed the capacity and quality that the first MP3 players were taking, improving above all the amount of storage, reaching up to 1,000 songs in the early models.

According to Fadell, this was one of the reasons that led Apple to use firewire instead of USB. While the original USB standard was super slow with speeds of up to 12 Mbps, FireWire could already transfer over 100 Mbps at the time. However, there was something else behind this decision.

The idea was to be able to open up compatibility with a Windows PC, to avoid Mac-only exclusivity. But that’s where Steve Jobs coined his famous phrase: “Over my corpse, Never.”

From day one, I said, “We have to make sure it works with Windows.” And the [Steve] He said: “On my dead body, never,” Fadell recounts.

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The book and the anecdotes of Fadell tell then that:

Still, Steve Jobs was against the idea of ​​making the product compatible with any PC. That’s when Fadell and the iPod team got in touch with journalist Walt Mossbergwho was also a friend of Jobs, to help convince him to make the iPod compatible with Windows.

On the other hand, Fadell recalled Steve Jobs’ refusal for the iPhone to be compatible with third-party applications, such as those of Google.

“Apple later devised a ‘sweet fix’, which was to promote the development of web applications that ran through Safari. Interestingly, Fadell revealed in the interview that the web app idea was highly supported by Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google at the time,” he added in his memoir.

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