Monday, May 29

Holaluz acquires three new companies to increase its installation capacity

Holaluz, a green energy technology company listed on BME Growth since November 2019, today announced the acquisition of the installation companies Katae Energia, Serna Energia and GHC facilities, with which Holaluz already collaborated closely, with the aim of accelerating the Rooftop Revolution and fulfilling its purpose of achieving a world that moves 100% thanks to green energy.

These first three acquisition operations, which come six months after the company announced its acquisition plan for installation companies in Spain, will allow Holaluz to increase its installation capacity by 25% and consolidate its leadership in the photovoltaic sector for domestic customers in the areas of Catalonia, Levante and the Canary Islands.

In the current context of price crisis – derived from a collapse of the current energy and environmental model – Holaluz is strongly committed to executing The Rooftop Revolution to end price problems and with the clear purpose of offering a long-term sustainable solution for the planet and society. The Roof Revolution offers the possibility of transforming each m2 of viable roof in Spain into 100% green energy for everyone, with savings of over 50% on electricity bills and creating a distributed generation model in Spain. These three operations represent the beginning of Holaluz’s strategy of acquiring installation companies in Spain with the aim of accelerating the growth of its solar vertical and controlling the entire end-to-end process.

To support this exponential growth planned for 2022, Holaluz has also chosen to reinforce its teams focused on the execution of The Rooftop Revolution. For this reason, the green energy technology company expects to incorporate 50 solar experts and 76 additional installers located mainly in the regions of Catalonia, Madrid, Valencia, the Balearic Islands, Murcia, Seville and Malaga during the first quarter of the year.

All this will allow the creation of a hybrid structure of own installers and agreements with trusted local installers that will ensure the scalability of operations throughout the country.

The Rooftop Revolution has no ceiling

Holaluz understands the current situation of price volatility in the electricity market as a unique opportunity to consolidate the Rooftop Revolution and transform the current energy model in Spain. For this reason, Holaluz approved last December a capital increase of 7.5 million euros, allowing the entry of Abacon Invest GmbH and Pelion Green Future Alpha GmbH. All of them have significant international investments in the photovoltaic sector for domestic customers.

This situation of financial agility allows the company, despite the current price situation in the wholesale electricity market, to activate its strategy of inorganic acquisitions such as this one.

Holaluz has the necessary assets to carry out The Rooftop Revolution: more than 378,202 domestic customers throughout Spain, installation capacity and a unique product that translates into a strongly growing demand for solar installations throughout the national territory.

The Rooftop Revolution already has 6,295 installations managed, 378,202 clients and a representation portfolio of more than 1,630 MW as of September 30, 2021.