Friday, January 21

Home Alone’s house is now available on Airbnb | Digital Trends Spanish

Home Alone It is one of the most remembered films of the nineties. In fact, the film just added an unworthy reversal recently released on Disney Plus.

However, this frustrated release has not managed to taint the memory that many people in their 30s have of the film starring Macaulay Culkin in 1990.

Now, the most fans will be able to fulfill part of their dreams and spend a night in the original house where the film was filmed, since it will be available to be rented on the Airbnb platform.


The offer also includes actor Devin Ratray, who played Buzz, Kevin McCallister’s older brother, and who will serve as host for those who can rent the house.

To simulate the atmosphere of the film, the residence has also been adorned with characteristic images of the production. Some of the traps that Kevin used to scare the robbers off the property have also been set.


Visitors can also sample junk food typical of the nineties, wear the same green tunic as the youngest of the family and be entertained by Buzz’s tarantula.

Of course, this initiative tries to promote the latest film in the franchise, Home Sweet Home Alone, which guests will be able to see during their stay.


The house can be reserved from December 7 on the Airbnb website and will be available only until the 12th of the same month, so the most fans will have to hurry if they do not want to be left out of the iconic residence.