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Homemade biscuits for dogs: the recipe to pamper them this Christmas

If we want to give our dogs a special gift this Christmas, we may have thought (or are planning it now) to cook them some nutritious homemade cookies. To have a simple and reliable recipe, we asked David Ordóñez, canine educator, therapy dog ​​trainer and founder of Dogging; giving us your favorite homemade dog biscuits or treats recipe here.

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But first, a tip: As much as cooking for our dogs, at least from time to time, we feel like it and it seems to be a growing trend, we have to know what we do; and we must not neglect neither the nutrition nor the balance of the ingredients, to ensure that our dogs eat a balanced diet.

“So that the cookie is really balanced, if we are going to give it to them on a regular basis, it is almost better to opt for a commercial recipe that is of good quality, a complete food that will be formulated by nutritionists, who know how much carbohydrate, protein or fat to have “, explains Ordóñez.

And he insists on “good quality”, because there are many commercial brands: “Let’s not go to the basic biscuit or prize for dogs of the supermarket, because then all this to achieve a healthy and complete food for our dog is not fulfilled either” .

Even so, if we want to pamper our dog companions with something special this Christmas (and as long as we take it as something specific, as we have already remarked), we can try this recipe for dog biscuits that Ordóñez proposes and that he himself has cooked during years.

If we do it in an exceptional way, nothing happens because we do not refine so much and we do not put the exact amount of protein or fat.

Homemade biscuits for dogs: basic recipe

The base of our furry cookie has two fundamental ingredients.

  • The first: “Pig or cow liver, which is usually a good base for making any type of biscuit for dogs,” Ordóñez explains.
  • Later, this basic ingredient can be supplemented with a drier ingredient, cereal type, usually oatmeal (ground oats) or rye flour. We can even use wheat flour, although this ingredient is less common in dog biscuit recipes.
  • In addition to these two basic ingredients, there are people who add eggs or a little honey (little, because it contains sugar), to give it a little consistency. Other people, to all this, add a little soda or yeast to give the cookie volume.
  • And since we are thinking of some Christmas cookies, if we want them to be beautiful we can add some type of food coloring, which paints the cookies a little. “But not much more”, the canine educator emphasizes.
  • Of course: Ordóñez recommends always using natural ingredients, “which are pure proteins.” In this sense, there are those who use turkey or chicken breast, instead of liver. But in this case, the expert warns, “achieving the doughy consistency we are looking for is usually more complicated.”

Making homemade dog biscuits

The idea to make homemade dog biscuits is simple:

  • It is about mixing the ingredients, in an approximate proportion of 50%, half liver and half cereal (oats or rye), until achieving a pasty consistency, similar to what we would look for if the cookies were for humans.
  • Of course: before mixing the ingredients, we can cook the liver in water, between 20 and 25 minutes, so that it acquires a pasty consistency, which facilitates the preparation of the cookie. In this case, we will have a kind of pate and we will obtain a more homogeneous dough.
  • We can put the mixture in a nice mold, for example, in the shape of a bone, to give it a more Christmassy touch.
  • And we put it in the oven at a low temperature, about 180ºC, another 20 or 25 minutes; or until we see that the cookie is done and begins to brown. Ready!

What was said: the diet of our dogs (and cats) must be supervised by an expert veterinarian in nutrition; But, if we want to do something beautiful and special for them, let’s always use natural ingredients and pure proteins. And this is a recipe for dog biscuits that may surprise you this Christmas and that promises to make them wag their tails to the rhythm of rumba, of pure doggy happiness.

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