Monday, November 29

‘homeOS’ reappears in a job offer: suspicions of a new Apple operating system grow

A few days before Apple’s last developer event, in June, traces appeared of a new operating system from the company called ‘homeOS’. Everyone took it for granted that it was going to be revealed at WWDC21, but it did not happen in the end and the subject was not discussed again. Now this ‘homeOS’ has briefly reappeared in a job posting of the company.

Home automation may deserve its own operating system

The job offer in which homeOS has been mentioned was for an engineer position in San Diego, city where Apple has offices. The company was looking for a programmer to work on the Apple Music team, but getting involved in the development of several embedded systems. The only trace left from that interview is a tweet From programming student Julian Schiavo:

As for MacRumors Has published that new sign of a new operating system, Apple has again withdrawn that mention to replace ‘homeOS’ with ‘HomePod’. That this has happened twice is already a serious sign that in Cupertino they are preparing what may be the sixth member of their quintet of systems: iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS.

Something like that could improve Apple’s ‘Home’ app, from where all HomeKit accessories and HomePod speakers are configured and managed. The platform hasn’t made much of a change during the last major iOS updates, so there is plenty of room for improvement.

Another possibility is that ‘homeOS’ is simply the codename of a project that is not an operating system, used internally at Apple for something different that they are preparing. Whatever it is, maybe we can see it at the annual developer conference in June 2022.

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