Saturday, October 1

Homophobic aggression in Almería: a glass is smashed in his face for kissing his boyfriend in public

The events occurred at dawn last Saturday in front of a well-known pub in the center of the city of Almería. The 27-year-old narrated what happened through Instagram: “I went out to a pub with my partner and a friend, we didn’t have time for anything, it was to get to the center and in a matter of 20 minutes there was a group that did not leave of looking at us. There, my partner noticed that a group looked at us in a strange way, let’s say with hatred, so we were attentive “. The assault occurred immediately after she kissed her boyfriend in public.

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What happened was, as he recounted in the Instagram video, that “a boy passed by us and gave us a movement because the album was going to burst and we collided with those people.” Then “without saying a word, he turned around and with the glass he had in his hand he smashed it on my head. I put my arm to cushion the blow.” The young man also details that “he cut my face, wounded my lip, tongue and near the eye.” The moments after the aggression were when he heard his partner confront the aggressor for what he had done: “I just screamed in pain that what was on my face.” In the video, he says that there was a boy in the vicinity, also partying, and that he turned out to be a nurse: “He treated me, bandaged my hand and told me to go quickly to the hospital.”

Many people have expressed their “rejection” of this fact on all social networks, which has led to a complaint, filed by the victim hours after the attack and once the health services discharged him, as confirmed by police sources. “I went to report him and, precisely, the aggressor appeared, who tried to convince me not to file a complaint, because he was not homophobic, it was just a fight and he did not attack me at any time. Then, he began to insist in which he would erase the stories because if they would not go to hit him, to which I replied that he was giving himself away because at no time did I say his name since I did not know him, “he confessed through Instagram.

The facts are being investigated

The young man revealed on the social network that the aggressor was already “arrested” and that a speedy trial was going to be carried out for the facts in which it will be clarified whether what happened is an assault, a hate crime or none of the things. “The police officer told me that he understands that what happened is a hate crime, although I am recounting my experience and the judge will determine what has happened and what will happen with the aggressor,” he said, warning that he is not going to “stay reserved”. “I will not remove any complaint, the only thing I want is justice because at all times I went out to have fun and have a drink that ended up bursting in my head,” he adds.

Sources from the National Police of Almería affirm that “there is a complaint by the same in these dependencies” and that “as a result of it a young man was arrested, which happens on the morning of this Monday at the disposal of the investigating court number 3 for a crime of injury. ”

Hate messages

The victim has contacted Almería with Pride for advice and psychological support. Fernando Aguilar, spokesman for the LGTBI association, has indicated to this media that they are going to protect the young as they do “all the people of the group.” “All this has a lot to do with the political situation we currently have,” reflects Aguilar. “And above all because of those hateful messages that the extreme right is sending out and that other parties are picking up because of their interested alliances,” he says.

He gives as an example the debate in the Community of Madrid to limit LGTBI rights, claiming that “this is a total setback to everything that had been advanced in this time.” “Given all this, the best tool we have in Almería with Pride is the mobilization and the union to fight together “, concludes the spokesman of the LGTBI association.

Francisco Ferre, from Colega Almería, has also put his lawyer in contact with the victim, and assures that “there is only evidence that the aggression has been a hate crime due to his sexual condition, the intimidating look of the aggressor manifested by the victim”.

For now, the National Police of Almería is going to investigate the case as a crime of injury and not as a homophobic assault. Fernando Aguilar explains that “it is not the first time that a person from the LGTBI collective denounces an attack and that they remove that burden so as not to classify it as homophobia.” “That is another reality that we live in another city and that decision of the Police does not surprise me,” he muses. That is why from Almería with Pride “we always advise filing a complaint in judicial offices and not going to the police precisely because of the treatment that tends to be towards the group.”