Thursday, September 16

Homophobic coups, feminist victories

The Police have put specialized agents in radical organizations to investigate the brutal aggression homophobic suffered by a young man in Madrid this weekend at the hands of eight hooded men who entered the portal with him and engraved the word “fag” on his buttock with a knife.

Just a few hours after this case, another has transpired, that of a young trans man attacked in Valencia for addressing his attacker in a neutral gender: “They busted my nose”.

Today we are trying to give perspective to these attacks: are they the reaction of a radical minority increasingly cornered in an avant-garde country in LGTBI matters? Or is it that we are losing ground? Here a few facts and reflections.

As we saw coming last week, the Ministry of Health has approved the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine for patients with a weak immune system due to certain causes such as lymphoma, sclerosis or a transplant. In total, for now, there are about 100,000 people. You can see the list of assumptions.


Today is International Journalist Day and, although I could spend hours criticizing our own profession, the truth is that we are not as bad as in the movies.

The same today is a good day for become a member of if you are not already, right?

Tomorrow we read. A hug,


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