Tuesday, July 5

Honda Unveils Its Neo-Rugged Prologue EV Electric Concept | Digital Trends Spanish

The Japanese manufacturer Sling presented this May 18 its new electric concept for the Neo-Rugged Prologue EV SUV.

“The Prologue’s exterior styling represents the clean, simple and timeless values ​​of Honda’s global design direction, coupled with a long wheelbase, shorter overhang and a strong stance equipped with a capable tire,” said Honda. “The team also focused on aerodynamics, fine-tuning the bodywork with simple surface steering and fewer lines to improve range and reduce cabin noise.”

Honda has yet to release any pricing or mechanical specifications for the new Prologue, though the model will fit into the brand’s midsize SUV category. With a 2024 launch date, Honda’s Prologue will be North America’s first BEV offering since the Honda Clarity EV, which production ceased in 2020.

Joint development with General Motors has allowed Honda to minimize development costs in a move they say will ultimately lower the cost of entry for potential EV buyers.

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