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Honda wants to make flying cars, robots and rockets | Digital Trends Spanish

Honda Motor Company has announced its plans to develop a series of vehicles and technological innovations in different fields, such as vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, bipedal robots and space technology.

EVTOLs are also known as flying cars and are focused on intercity routes with the ability to move through the sky and land and take off vertically.

Honda explains that these eVTOLs could be used as part of an urban taxi service. Also, instead of using only lithium-ion batteries, the company wants to go for a hybrid solution.


For this, it will combine the electric motor with gas turbines to be able to reach a range of up to 400 kilometers, thus exceeding the purely electric options by several tens of kilometers.

This fleet of flying vehicles could be launched in 2030.

Honda has also announced its desire to develop remote assistance robots. According to the company, they are called Avatar and have a screen and the ability to interact remotely.


According to the company, these robots would serve so that people can fulfill their obligations remotely.

Finally, the company wants to invest in rocket technology to be able to launch satellites into low orbit.

In this area, the company has already taken a big step after partnering in June with the Japanese Aerospace Agency (JAXA) to develop a reusable energy system in space.

In the next six years, Honda will invest about $ 46 billion to carry out all these technologies that it has announced.

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